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Welcome to the Destined Website


Established in August 2002, Destined is a voluntary charitable organisation with 2 centers one in Derry and one in Feeny that seeks to address the needs of people with learning disabilities in a whole life context.

Empowering people with learning disabilities and promoting social inclusion, Destined has as its core ethos the involvement and full participation of its members in all aspects of activity and at all levels of the decision making process. This ethos has ensured members with learning disabilities constitute the majority of the board of directors and management committee.

Destined’s vision is for people with a learning disability to be included in all aspects of the community and does this in 2 stages.

First empowering its members by giving the skills necessary for independence through a development programme run during the day including an education programme which involves an I.T. Numeracy and literacy, Money Management, Shopping and basic life skills, a citizenship programme where members learn about other organisations in the community and a fitness programme. During the weeknights and weekends Destined run a social programme, this involves getting members together to socialise and taking members outside the centre to socialise with others.

Second Destined aim to give the community the skills required for people with a learning disability to perform a role within their organisation. With a little support people with learning disabilities can perform a valuable role in the community. Destined members have shown this by being volunteers at major event including the annual Gasyard Feile and the City of Culture event. Destined members have also raised for other organisations including Trocaire and Action with Effect showing the community that they don’t need to be the ones receiving support they can be giving the support as well. We aim to have about 40 media hits a year in local papers and radio stations so that the community is aware of members and their work.