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Access to Citizenship
Empowering People with Learning Disabilities

‘Access to Citizenship’ can help young people to find an education or training course, gain employment skills or a personal and social development programme that meets their needs.

Who can we help?
Young people with a learning disability who want to acquire skills that will enable them to participate more fully in the community.

Services Provided:
  • Support through Person Centred Planning
  • Education and Vocational training
  • Careers and employment information and advice
  • Personal and Social Development programmes
Summary of Outcomes
  1. People with learning disabilities will have the opportunity to achieve their full potential by taking part in a person centred planning process
  2. Participants will be involved in new activities in the community
  3. Individuals will increase their employability skills.
  4. Participants will take part in educational and vocational training
  5. Individuals will take part in a leadership, peer mentor or volunteer role in the community
‘Access to Citizenship’ will support young people with a learning disability through the transition to adult life.MencapNWRC